The designer of Dropi´s logo and packaging is Henrik Bekker, a danish graphic designer. Here, he describes in his own words how the logo came about.


The creation of a logo 

The design of Dropi cod liver oil product. Designer Henrik Bekker

The design of Dropi cod liver oil product. Designer Henrik Bekker

Iceland 2013, with dry mucous membranes I inhale the clear and crisp Icelandic air, stinging a bit in the lungs. A pure joy, complete with sensing the complex and wild nature. Stone, rock, lava, sea, sky, mountain, ripples of waves, ice, rain, snow and sun. All the while my psyche is singing about a past, where countrymen settled here on their quest for happiness and wine country.

Yes, I’m a Dane and a graphic designer, love black and white and come from the appendix of Europe. Thrilled with the contrast to my own cozy, flat, fertile farming country. As a traveller, all my senses are open and easily influenced. A great quality which everybody ought to allow themselves to experience, from time to time. But for a designer sensing is also a professional tool, which with ferocious and greedy appetite feeds the inner think tank.

On this first trip to Iceland, I happened to find myself at a dinner party with an Icelandic family, who were owners of a fish factory and had plans about developing fish oil. I felt a part of this was not yet clear – what would the product be called and how was it going to be presented? All ingredients were present and as a professional designer it’s hard to resist a project like this. I was hooked.

Thinking design! In many ways it’s like imagining something, the ability to create, on an inner, subtle level which precedes the physical one.

Imagination draws on everything from experiences, preconception to impressions and sensing. A place, a kind of state deep in the head, which is inexplicable in all its complexity, but still real in its visually creative form. A state which is just as a real as a dream can be.

During the night after that dinner my inner design machine must have been tumbling about between fish soup, lava and ice, because in the morning I wake up with a crystal clear image on the retina: chiseled like a rune in my consciousness, I see a fish oil logo. Its simple semiotic tells its own story from fish to oil, from past to present. But best of all, nature and the filter of dreams showed me the form, I just had to humbly draw and design it.

Henrik Bekker

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