Dropi – SPEARMINT 60 capsules


Dropi Spearmint is our orginal Dropi cod liver oil extra virgin blended with organic fresh spearmint extract.
Dropi oil is cold processed cod liver oil, made only from the cod Gadus Morhua.
The colour as well as the taste can vary between batches depending on the cod feed.
The vitamins A & D are in their natural state and may therefore vary between seasons. These vitamins are not added to our oil. Omega-3 and other fatty acids are as pure and natural as intended by nature.
Each batch can be traced to the boats. The fisheries have been certified sustainable.

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Product Description

Dropi Spearmint is our original Dropi cod liver oil extra virgin blended with spearmint extract.
Dropi Spearmint is flavored with organic fresh spearmint extract. The spearmint (Mentha Spicata) used for the extraction comes from Morocco. The extract is distilled using the fresh leaves of the plant. This herb has a fresh and clean aroma and that can also be described as minty, green, with sweet hay like nuances. Spearmint is commonly used as a herbal medicine, or as a spice and food flavouring. True Westfjords chooses to use this organic extract because it is 100% natural and clean. It is EU controlled and also tested in the EU for pesticides. This spearmint extract is certified organic. It is traceable and comes from small producers.
Dropi Spearmint is excellent for those who are sensitive to the smell of fish.

The capsule
We provide our customers with top quality fish product by using the best gelatine available for our capsule, i.e. fish gelatine which makes the product even more unique as well as a 100% fish product.

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